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The Mercedes-Benz Accelo 6x2


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Developed specifically to meet the needs of the beverage industry in Brazil, the 8 to 10 metric ton Mercedes-Benz Accelo range offers a unique 6x2 configuration for greater productivity.

The Accelo 6x2 is designed to compete with Volkswagen’s Delivery 10.160 Plus 6x2.

The optional 6x2 spec raises the Accelo 1016’s gross vehicle weight rating to 13,000 kg (28,660lb), and payload capacity to 9,000kg (19,842lb).

The Accelo 1016 6x2 is the only VUC* compliant truck capable of transporting six tall 1,250kg (2,756lb) beverage pallets. Larger trip loads boosts productivity 20 percent for greater profitability.

Power is supplied by a Euro-5 (EPA2007) 4.8-liter four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM924LA rated at 156 horsepower (@2,200rpm) and 610 N.m of torque (@1,200-1,600rpm). Known for their low operating cost, Mercedes-Benz engines with BlueTec 5 exhaust after-treatment technology are up to 6% more economical than competitive engines.

A 6-speed Mercedes-Benz G-56 transmits the power to a 4.30 ratio drive axle with a 6.4 metric ton rating (14,110lb). Tires are size 235/75R17.5.

Equipped with a 4.4 meter wheelbase, the 4x2 Accelo is designed to accommodate a 6.6 meter body, while the 6x2 variant can be fitted with bodies up to 8.2 meters in length.

With 20 cubic meters of cargo capacity, the Accelo carries the equivalent of two Asian light trucks fitted with 3 meter long bodies. And the payload capacity of the 6x2 variant can replace up to five of those trucks, resulting in fewer trips to deliver the same amount of cargo for higher productivity and reduced customer costs.

The Accelo’s compact dimensions and tight turning radius make it highly maneuverable on narrow, traffic-congested streets, the perfect truck for pick-up and delivery in large cities.

* VUC (veiculo urbano de carga, or urban cargo vehicle), refers to a fast-growing new class of 6,000kg to 10,000kg GVW delivery trucks designed to operate in Brazil's congested urban areas. The truck class is restricted to dimensional limits of 6.3 meters in length and 2.2 meters in width.





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