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Iveco rolls out new look Acco model


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Prime Mover Magazine / December 9, 2014

Iveco Trucks Australia has introduced an upgraded version of its Iveco Acco series range, which has undergone a number of enhancements.

Chief among the improvements has been the introduction of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to the 5.1 metre wheelbase 8x4 agitator variant.

According to Iveco, the ESC is planned for a roll out across all models and that the initial adoption of the ESC system using Knorr-Bremse components was regarded as a priority due to the high centre of gravity of agitator applications.

“There are many things to like about the new Acco range,” said Joel Read, Iveco Product Manager. “The development and testing phase has been extremely thorough and we are very confident that the latest range will take the Acco’s performance to a new level in terms of functionality, reliability and safety.”

The range of available Cummins engines remained unchanged with 280HP, 320Hp and 340HP specifications available. Despite the same power ratings the engines have had calibration revisions to eliminate the occasional idle “hunting” that affected some earlier models following the introduction of the Euro 5 engines.

There are a number of suspensions available – including the Hendrickson Haulmaax HMX460 rubber block suspension that delivers a number of advantages in suitable applications. Not only 45 kg lighter than others, it is rated at 46,000 lbs, which is 6,000 higher than alternatives. The Haulmaax suspension has been designed to reduce load transfer during braking and provides 17 inches of articulation.

The cab exterior now comes with the three piece steel bumper from the Trakker off road trucks and headlights from the Stralis which are protected by steel mesh and feature a swing out design for easy maintenance.

Inside the cab the steering wheel has been changed to one similar to the Iveco Eurocargo, which incorporates the same, stalk control and trim panels. Dual control models for the waste industry have also benefitted from upgrades to the mitre box that now uses a sealed roller bearing that replaced the previous needle bearing to provide better lubrication and lower friction.






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New Acco range adds some contemporary touches to a classic design

Australasian Transport News / December 10, 2014

Iveco has unveiled its new, modernised range of Acco trucks designed specifically for the local market.

The new Accos come in 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 configurations, and feature a number of practical and aesthetic improvements.

"While Iveco engineers have introduced many new improvements in the latest release, certain aspects about the Acco – qualities that have worked year after year – remain unchanged. The model’s low tare weight is the most competitive in the market and cabin entry and egress is completed with minimum effort required – an important consideration for the driver that’s in and out of the cabin all day," Iveco product manager Joel Read says.

The new Acco retains the basic cab shape of its classic 1972 predecessor, but has borrowed some newer design elements from other Iveco truck ranges.

On a practical level, a number of exterior components have been improved such as the addition of side deflectors, bumper-encased indicators and a three-piece steel bumper.

Unlike the rest of the range, the agitator variant of the Acco will also feature electronic stability control (ESC).

"We’re very pleased to have begun introducing ESC to the Acco range. We identified the rollout would start with the 8x4 agitator specification and will evolve to other models in the future. Agitator owners can now rest assured that they have this important additional safety feature," Read adds.

Iveco says that the agitator spec was given priority for this feature because of its higher centre of gravity.

Power output remains mostly the same as previous models, with power options ranging between 280hp (209kW) and 340hp (254kW). Under the hood is an 8.9-litre, Euro 5 engine that uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Further, the Acco range uses a fully automatic, 6-speed Allison generation 5 transmission.

Iveco says that a key advantage for the Acco range is designed and built locally, and that over 85 per cent of its componentry is from Australian sources.

"The flexibility offered through local manufacturing has made the ACCO a favourite platform for body manufacturers to work with," Iveco national key accounts manager Lloyd Reeman says.

"Over 78,000 Acco units have been produced at the Dandenong factory since the first model was released commercially (by International Harvester) in 1961."



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Details on new Iveco Acco model revealed

Prime Mover Magazine / January 2, 2015

Iveco Trucks Australia has introduced an upgraded version of the Acco in December. Prime Mover now had a closer look at the new model.

According to Iveco, the latest generation of the Acco takes the 40-year-old concept to a new level in order to demonstrate it is still relevant for Australia’s vocational market.

Built in Dandenong, about 85 percent of the new Acco’s componentry is Australian-sourced, Iveco said at the December launch. As a result, the Acco can be modified on the production line to suit the truck’s intended application and bolt holes and other fastening points can be customized, as can the positioning of auxiliary components.

The latest upgrades are the result of a multimillion dollar planning and research process that took over two years and involved a team of more than 10 of the 40 full-time engineers based at Iveco’s Dandenong facility.

One key enhancement is the introduction of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to the 5.1m wheelbase 8x4 Agitator variant. While ESC is planned for a model-wide roll-out in the future, initial adoption on the agitator spec cab-chassis was seen as a priority given the high centre of gravity nature of agitator work.

The Acco ESC system incorporates a steering sensor on the steering wheel and a chassis-mounted yaw sensor which both combine to assist in keeping all wheels firmly planted on the road in an emergency turning or swerve situation.

Power and torque for the latest Acco’s remains unchanged from the previous model and are delivered by a turbocharged Cummins 8.9-litre, 6-cylinder Euro V engine which employs SCR technology and is available in three power ratings.

Meanwhile, the new Acco cabin is a full-steel construction with panels manufactured on the huge presses in the Dandenong factory to create one of the toughest cabs available and is ECR29 certified.

The judicious use of components from other models in the Iveco stable has provided the new Acco with a contemporary image – particularly when viewed from the front.

The exterior of the cabin has been modernised and the changes represent the most visually extensive in the Acco’s history. The new model adopted the front flap section from the Stralis and a revised bumper as used on Iveco’s heavy-duty Trakker off-road truck.

Complementing the appearance are new side deflectors, headlights sourced from the Stralis and bumper-encased indicators.

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