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2008 CXU MP8 when hittings bumps starts to quit


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When it hits bump in road cruise kicks out, ABS light, ATC light, & lighting bolt comes on, also oil pressure drop back to 10 lbs and the regen switch comes only for 1 or 2 seconds and than everything is fine till another bump. When truck got in I cleaned out all the codes and drove it around the parking lot which is a little bumpy and it did it several times. I check the codes and it shows MID136 SID231 FMI 2 inactive, MID 136 SID FMI 14 inactive, MID 144 PSID 204 FMI 9 ACTIVE although the lighting bolt does not stay on, MID 144 PSID 230 FMI 4 inactive. Its as if you cut the key off for 1 second but only affect the oil pressure gauge all other gauges do not move. Any Ideals


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Check all your grounds and powers. I have found many loose cab pass throughs and ground to the left frame rail by the engine cause lots of issues. Also check the main cab bulkhead connector and the wiring running down from it as I have seen broken wires in the chassis harness where it runs down by the treadle valve.

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