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A Transmission is Born


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Press Release / November 28, 2014

This video shows how a Scania 12+2-speed range-splitter gearbox is assembled at the Scania gearbox production facilities in Södertälje, Sweden. Gearboxes are also produced in Tucumán, Argentina.

All transmissions used in Scania’s long-haulage trucks are developed and manufactured by Scania.

Shot in time-lapse, the video shows the whole transmission assembly process, something that takes about an hour in real life.

Scania’s modular system allows Scania R-series trucks to be equipped with a range of transmissions, from the 8-speed range-change transmission all the way up to the top-of-the-line 12+2-speed range-splitter transmission.

The optional overdrive feature allows for low and economical cruising revs. This is in line with Scania’s low-rev approach, where peak torque is available at low revs, enhancing fuel economy.

To further improve driveability, Scania R-series trucks can be equipped with the Scania Opticruise automated gear changing system (AMT), as well as Scania Retarder – an auxiliary braking system first introduced in 1993.

The most recent addition to the transmission range is a 4,100 Nm freewheeling retarder that automatically disengages and enters a freewheeling mode when not active, thus reducing fuel consumption.


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That was fun, thanks for sharing. My bucket list includes a visit to an automotive assembly line. Car, truck, bus-it doesn't matter. Neither does the brand.

The freewheeling mode makes sense but I'm skeptical, and always will be, of any new feature where an electronic malfunction can result in a dangerous situation for the driver. I don't do the Georgia Overdrive thing. :)


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