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The formula to a successful race truck – Kamaz 4326


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Autoreview / No.16 2014

Thru 2015, the Kamaz team has used the 18.5-liter model YaMZ-7E846.1007 V-8 manufactured by the Avtodiesel Yaroslavo Motor Works. But from 2016, new Dakar regulations limiting engine size to 16.5-liters dictated the team subsititute the 16.2-liter Liebherr D9508 V-8.

Kamaz has experimented with Cummins engines in its race trucks (Kamaz and Cummins have an engine-producing joint venture). However the Russian truckmaker hasn’t approached Cummins for support in the 2016 Dakar Rally after some negative experiences in previous races in which Cummins-equipped Kamaz race trucks experienced problems with dirty fuel that YaMZ engines were able to tolerate. In addition, the Kamaz drivers expressed a preference for V-8s over the in-line six cylinder Cummins powerplants.

In January of this year, Kamaz and Liebherr signed an agreement for the creation of a range of 12-liter inline-six diesel engines rated from 450 to 700 horsepower for Kamaz commercial trucks. But for the Kamaz race trucks, 16.2-liter Liebherr V-8s were chosen.

Prepped for racing with SCR removed, twin-turbochargers and custom software, power rose from 686 to 920 horsepower, while peak torque increased from 3,000 to 4,000 N.m. (Liebherr said the engine disintegrated at 965 horsepower).

The Kamaz race drivers report the Liebherr powerplant offers slightly better performance than the YaMZ unit.

With an average fuel consumption of 130 liters per 100 kilometers, the race-prepped Kamaz 4326s are fitted with 1,000 liter fuel tanks.

Kamaz 4326 Race Truck: Specifications
Gross weight 10,200 kg
Curb weight 8,900 kg
Engine Liebherr D9508 A7
Configuration V8
Displacement 16.16 liters
Bore / stroke 128/157 mm
Max. power 920 hp
Max. torque 4,000 N.m
Engine weight 1,600 kg
Clutch ZF MFZ 430
Transmission ZF 16S251
Transfer case ZF VG2000 / 300

Driveshafts Tirsan Kardan
Axles Sisu
Suspension Spring

Shock Absorbers Reiger Racing
Brakes Drum
Wheels Aluminum
Tires Michelin XZL 14R20 (pressure adjustable)
Maximum speed 163 km/h




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