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CAT begins selling CX series automatic transmissions in China


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Weichai Group / October 29, 2014

Despite a slow beginning, Caterpillar’s joint venture with Chinese transmission manufacturer Fast Gear is beginning to see demand for its CX28 and CX31 transmissions from fire apparatus manufacturers.

In recent years, Allison has been the principle supplier for the small but growing percentage of fire and rescue vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.

In the global market, the CX28 is rated up to 400hp and 1250 lb-ft (1695N.m), while the CX31 is rated up to 600hp and 1850 lb-ft (2510N.m).

Based on the CX28 and CX31 respectively, the following six-speed models were launched by the joint venture in 2013:

Model Rating

FC6A80 221hp / 590 lb-ft (800N.m)

FC6A100 268hp / 740 lb-ft (1003N.m)

FC6A140 338hp / 1055 lb-ft (1430N.m)

FC6A180 425hp / 1350 lb-ft (1830N.m)

FC6A210 510hp / 1605 lb-ft (2176N.m)

FC6A250 625hp / 2000 lb-ft (2576N.m)

In America, only Navistar and CAT-branded trucks have offered the CAT CX Series automatic transmissions as a factory option. During the 2007-2009 period, the smaller CX28 was offered in recreational vehicles equipped with CAT C7 and C9 engines.

“For decades Caterpillar has been building planetary transmissions for its construction equipment,” said Chris Schena, Caterpillar vp- Motion and Power Control Division. “We are now leveraging this expertise and applying it specifically to the transmission needs of on-highway customers.”

“We’re not trying to run Allison out of the business,” says Larry Riekert, On-Highway manager, Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group. “We believe that automatics will be a growing percentage of total sales and we feel our sales will go up while [Allison’s] go up. What we’re seeing now is that the rate of conversion of manuals to automatics is increasing. Of course, Allison might not see it that way.” Fleet Owner – December, 2005

Established in June 2011, Xi'an FC Intelligence Transmission Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company between Caterpillar and Shanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. The company manufactures drivetrain systems and other components for CAT construction machinery, as well as CX28 and CX31 on-highway automatic transmissions for the Asian market.




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