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New Scania Citywide transit bus runs on biodiesel


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Press release / October 29, 2014

With the launch of the new hybrid-powered Scania “Citywide” low entry bus, Scania takes another step towards offering carbon neutral transport solutions.

In line with Scania’s leadership in biofuels, the new Euro-6 hybrid powertrain runs on up to 100 percent biodiesel.

The SCR-only Euro 6 engine is already low on fuel consumption, but the parallel hybrid system provides impressive additional fuel savings. And unlike other hybrids, the system is optimised for city and suburban operation and allows speeds up to 100 km/h (62mph).

“The bus and coach business is highly cost-conscious and needs to meet the highest environmental standards,” says Klas Dahlberg, Senior Vice President Buses and Coaches, Scania. “We have taken that to heart and developed outstanding products that combine the best performance in both respects.”

Scania developed hybrid technology

Scania has been running trials on hybrid technology for more than two decades. And the robust parallel hybrid concept that has now been launched in the Citywide buses is a comprehensive response to customer demands that provides attractive payback times.

It will be produced in large volumes for both trucks and buses and will receive full service coverage via the worldwide Scania service network.

The new hybrid system is part of Scania’s modularised range of powertrains that powers both buses and trucks in an immense range of combinations. It is also part of Scania’s long-term strategy for powertrain electrification for both trucks and buses.

Two different lengths to start with

The hybrid system is initially being offered on 12- and 14.8 m buses with two and three axles respectively. The buses have a low-entry layout that offers several sustainable opportunities. They can be specified to work comfortably in the city, as well as on suburban and medium-distance routes.

The hybrid powertrain includes the Scania 9-litre engine, in 250, 280 or 320 horsepower ratings, the latter with SCR-only technology and compatible with up to 100 percent biodiesel.

On the Citywide buses, the hybrid unit, comprising an electric machine (motor and generator) and automatic clutch, is located between the engine and transmission. The electric machine is rated at 150 kW.

1,050 Nm. 1.2 kWh of energy storage is provided by a lithium-ion battery integrated in the roof structure at the front of the bus and is housed in a neatly styled bulb together with a DC/DC voltage converter and a cooling unit.

High efficiency

The use of a Scania hybrid system together with a DC/DC converter, stop-start function and hybrid eco-roll provide fuel savings of 20-25 percent, or 1.2-2.5 litres (0.32-.66 U.S. gallons) per hour of operation. The combined fuel and the use of biodiesel (320 hp version) provide CO2 savings of 60-65 percent, a uniquely high figure for Euro-6 hybrid buses.

“The bus stands on its own merits, designed to make money for operators without the helping hand of public subsidies,” says Mikael Arhusiander, Product Manager City and Suburban Buses at Scania.




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