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Mercedes-Benz works to regain agricultural customers in Brazil


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Transport Brazil / October 23, 2014

Spearheaded by Vice President of sales and Marketing Roberto Leoncini, Mercedes-Benz is reformulating its commercial truck strategy in Brazil to win back the niche agribusiness transport in soybean producing regions that used to be the truckmaker’s domain.

Mr. Leoncini, formerly with Scania, is working to reposition the brand and regain markets.

The first part of Leoncini’s strategy is for Mercedes-Benz to reconquer the agribusiness market with the new Axor Econfort, a tractor offering high performance, superior reliability and comfort.

In addition to new sales strategies and rebuilding customer relationships, Mercedes is offering the Axor and Actros with drum brakes to better withstand the severe dust operating conditions in agricultural operations.

“Although disc brakes are superior for on-road operations, the dust ends up hurting the performance and useful life of the brakes. We listened to the transporters and now we're giving them what they asked for – drum brakes and additional cab comfort features,” said Leoncini.

The powertrain offerings of the Mercedes-Benz Actros and Axor in Brazil were designed for pulling three-axle semi-trailers with gross vehicle weights ranging from 48.5 to 53 metric tons (106,924lb to 116,845lb), B-Double trailer configurations (a.k.a. Interlinks) with a GCWR of 57 metric tons (125,663lb) and road-trains up to 74 metric tons (163,142lb).

Slightly smaller than the flagship Actros, the Axor Econfort (Economy + Comfort) is now available with a shorter 3,100 mm wheelbase, 6x2 configuration and 360, 410 and 440 horsepower ratings.




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