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Navistar Expands International ProStar Transmission Offerings with Lightweight Option


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ProStar with 13-liter engine and Tremec transmission delivers performance for weight-sensitive applications

Press Release / September 23, 2014

Navistar today announced it will offer the Tremec 10-speed manual transmission in its International ProStar model with the company’s 13-liter engine.

Tremec offers a wide range of high torque-to-weight ratios designed for weight sensitive over-the-road and city applications. The pairing will also maximize payload for applications such as bulk haul.

“Tremec transmissions are not only known in the automotive industry for a wide variety of high-performance cars, but Tremec components are used in transmissions throughout the commercial transportation industry,” said Jodi Presswood, general manager, Heavy-Duty Truck Product Line, Navistar. “This lightweight transmission reduces the weight of the vehicle while also providing our customers with yet another choice.”

Navistar will offer four Tremec transmission options paired with the company’s 13-liter engine, available with 370-450 horsepower and 1,350-1,700 lb.-ft. torque for line haul and regional haul applications in the United States and Canada.

The company also offers Tremec transmissions as an option in its ProStar with Cummins ISX15.


FYI: In 1997, the Transmissions TSP subsidiary of Spicer SA, a joint venture between Dana (49%) and Mexico’s DESC (51%, now called KUO Group) purchased Dana Corporation’s medium and heavy transmission. This included the Spicer PRO-SHIFT and EASY-SHIFT transmission product (i.e. the Tremec 10-speed being mentioned here is the Spicer PRO-SHIFT).

Both Mexican transmission maker Tremec (Transmisiones y Equipos Mecanicos) and Spicer SA were established as the result of a 1962 government mandate stating that from 1964, sixty percent of vehicle content had to be produced in Mexico.

The Dana/DESC joint venture, Spicer SA, purchased Tremec in 1994, and Borg-Warner’s transmission business in 1996.

Dana and DESC dissolved their joint venture, Spicer S.A. de C.V., in 2006 with Dana assuming 100-percent ownership of operations that manufacture and assemble axles, driveshafts, gears, forgings, and castings in which Dana previously held an indirect 49% interest. DESC, in turn, assumed full ownership of the Tremec transmission and aftermarket gasket operations in which it previously held a 51% interest. Along with exchanging its minority interest in the joint venture, Dana also made a cash payment of $19.5 million (USD) to DESC.

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