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01 cx613 E7 427 running temp


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Hey guys I finally got the 01 cx613 leased on and I am headed from Texas to Calgary ABC to pickup a trailer to bring back to Texas. I am a little concerned I am only running 150 degree water temp.

I was considering changing the thermostat but when I talked to the parts man he asked me if I waneed a 155, 175 or 185 degree and it is making me wonder if I have a 155 in it V and it is running normal.

Should I put a warmer one in when I get back home or just see what this will do. Don't know how it will do if I start running I sub zero weather this winter.


Bob Gil

If it an't a Mack could it really be a truck???

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I didn't realize there were different temp t-stats available since all I've ever installed were 180 deg (dealer OEM) For a while there were two temp t-stats for the duel t-stat systems(180/185 deg), but now all we get from parts is 180 deg t-stats. Personally I would stick with the 180 deg t-stat.

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