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99 e7 460 etech floating rocker bridge


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I have had a problem lately with the #6 rocker bridge guide pin breaking on the intake side. Had my local shop run the overhead and found the broken pin and with many calls to the dealer that did my inframe for proper procedure they replaced the pin. The next day I had a intermittent dry scraping sound from the back of the head. Found the rocker bridges lost tourqe. Two weeks later same scraping sound pulled the top off everything looked fine sounds went away. Approximately 400 miles later poof lost #6 intake bridge pin.towed into mack dealer in sw Michigan and checked cam and push tubes and visual inspection of the top side of the head everything is in perfect shape they are putting a floating bridge in(???) I had a complete inframe minus the cam in march of last year approximately 125k ago does anybody have a clue as to why this is an issue and will the new floating bridge fix the problem? Or should I sell it when and if I get it back?

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