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VSE - The Suspension and Steering Systems of Tomorrow Available Today


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Netherlands-based Vehicle Systems Engineering BV (VSE) has been producing hydro-pneumatic vehicle suspensions since 1986. With the advent of electronic controls, VSE updated the system and named the new generation Dynamic Truck and Trailer Suspension (DTS).

A system already proven on trucks and military vehicles in Europe, Quebec's Simard Suspensions offers VSE’s DTS electronically-controlled hydro-pneumatic suspension in North America.

The suspension can be spec'd for one or more fixed or steerable axles, with springs, shock-absorbers, roll stabilizer, and axle lift all combined within the DTS hydraulics. The result is perfect load distribution over all wheels, fully compensated as required.

In dump application, safety is greatly enhanced by the system’s ability (utilizing optical sensors) to level the vehicle in all directions. Height settings are adjustable by remote control.

Axle-load measuring and monitoring is also featured, with an integrated axle lift if needed. In dynamic terms, there's semi-active roll stabilization built in, with "super stabilization" as an option. Manual or automatic control of several level and dampening settings is also part of the package.

The DTS suspension can be operated by the driver with a wireless remote control, making it possible to make adjustments of the suspension without getting out of the cab. All functions can be operated via the remote.

An information display provides the driver with all relevant information related to operation, maintenance, failure analysis, and repair. The display can be mounted fixed in the system locker or as a workshop tool mounted in a case. The system can also run on any laptop computer for calibration, first-line fault diagnosis, and for changing parameters. Optionally, the display can be used for operating the suspension system: changing height, return to ride level and leveling.

The suspension's hydraulic cylinders combine to manage axle travel and axle load (from 2 to 16 tons).

The micro-electronic controlled DTS suspension has a reaction time of about 4 milliseconds. After about 60 milliseconds, the system has adapted to the operating conditions and the vehicle's behavior is changed with it. VSE suspension cylinders are designed for low friction, matching an air suspension in reaction times.

VSE’s Electronic Truck Steering system (ETS) is a versatile steering solution for trucks with multiple steered axles. The ETS system works completely independently, with no energy is drawn from the steering for the front axle(s). Space-saving ETS reduces truck weight, fuel consumption and tire wear while significantly enhancing maneuverability and stability.









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