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The Dream Truck Builder’s Latest Creation


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Press Release / July 27, 2014

The Chimera is the latest spectacular show truck from famed Swedish custom builder Svempa Bergendahl. A true eye-catcher, the vehicle is packed with power thanks to a reliable Scania V8 engine tuned to deliver 1,460 horsepower.

Svempa’s Chimera can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62mph) in 4.6 to 5 seconds.

The Chimera is Svempa’s fourth show truck and, like its predecessors, it’s expected to generate a legion of followers around the world. The truck makes its debut at the Interlaken Trucker & Country Festival in Switzerland from June 27 thru 29.

Prepared for the future

Designer Jan Richter from Svempas says, “Chimera fills a gap in our collection, namely a truck with a clearly futuristic outlook. With its beautifully exposed engine and engineered design it takes styling to the extreme. But it is also features state-of-the-art technology, using high-end materials as well as being prepared for future hybrid e-technology.

The team at Svempa started sketching the truck about five years ago. It underwent numerous design alterations ahead of the finished product being ready and raring to go aside from some additional engine adjustments.

The Chimera utilizes a unique low-weight tubular frame chassis made of stainless steel. It uses a multi-stage turbo system based on the latest Scania 16.4 liter V-8 engine.

“Previously, we’ve had an eye towards a slightly retro appearance but have now gone all in for a truck that is decidedly contemporary in all aspects,” Richter says. “It also has more of a racing expression with attitude. Yet, we’ve continued to carefully adhere to the signature Scania design language, albeit taking that quite a few steps further.”

A treat for the fans

Richter has high hopes that the truck will appeal to fans as much as the earlier show trucks, although he suspects the design may take some getting used to. “Our fans expect something out of the ordinary and I can proudly say that is precisely what we are providing,” he says.

The vehicle is named after the Chimera, which according to mythology was a monstrous fire-breathing three-headed hybrid of a lion, a drake and goat with a snake as tail. It associates with the even mightier Scania Griffin logo.

Scania/Chimera Specifications

Engine: Scania V8 16.4 Liter (1,000 cu. in.)

Power: 1,460 horsepower (to be increased to 2,190 horsepower)
Exhaust: Stainless steel header system with 6 Holset turbochargers
Transmission: Allison modified 6-speed automatic
Coachwork: Laxå Special Vehicles using modified Scania P-cab with R-cab components
Chassis: Independent A-link front suspension, dual shock absorbers per side

Weight: 4,780 kg (), principally resulting from the trucks tubular stainless steel frame


Known as the “dream trucks” builder, customization king Sven-Erik “Svempa” Bergendahl continues to attract attention around the world with his restyled trucks featuring distinctive paintwork, chrome and aluminum décor.

In 1970, Svempa customized his first Scania tow truck. Svempa’s restyled trucks have been shown all over the world, and wherever he travels he meets a dedicated following of enthusiasts.

At age 74, Svempa, an international legend in truck styling, has no plans to slow down. He’s been in this business for over 40 years, and Scania became his favorite truck early on.

“There’s nothing better than Scania trucks. With their powerful engines, attractive design and high quality through and through, they leave the competition behind in the dust.”

Over the past decades, he has created several customized limited edition tractors in collaboration with Scania. Svempa’s chief stylist Jan Richter has continuous discussions on styling proposals and prototypes with Kristofer Hansén, head of Styling at Scania.

“With these trucks, we are enhancing Scania’s optimal styling. We are pushing the envelope, but never doing damage to the original,” Richter says.

Since the limited edition workshop began ten years ago, nearly 500 Svempas-styled trucks have found new homes all over Europe.

“They love V8s and trendy styling. The more it shines and glows, the better,” Svempa says.

Svempa’s customization is well integrated into Scania’s production process. The basic cab is produced together with all other cabs at Scania’s cab plant in Oskarshamn and subsequently shipped to Laxå for paintwork. The cab is then sent back to Oskarshamn, where is interior is assembled. The finished cab is shipped to Södertälje for final assembly. After the truck spends about ten days in Svempa’s workshop where eye-catching paintwork and other custom detailing is added, the fully customized truck is then ready for delivery to the customer.

“This is a rational and economical way of producing trucks in small series at reasonable costs,” says Svempa’s chief stylist Jan Richter.

The limited edition Svempa-prepared Scania trucks come with a 10–20 percent higher price tag. Over the years, Svempa has styled six Limited Edition series for Scania. In total, 450 trucks have been sold with Italy being the largest market.

Although he has accomplished so much, there are still projects that Svempa dreams about. “Imagine a beautiful summer day in the Stockholm archipelago, and an aluminum Combat Boat 90 with dual V8 engines painted in an eye-catching color. That would beat most of what I’ve done.”








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