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Scania Bus Sales Continue Ramping Up in Latin America


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Press Release / August 6, 2014

Swedish truck and bus maker Scania has been invited to speak at the 4th annual conference of the Latin American Association of Integrated Transport Systems (ITS) and BRT* (Bus Rapid Transit) in Lima, Peru on August 6 and 7, about innovation and modernization in public transport.

*Utilizing dedicated lanes, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) offers the same high volume passenger capacity and speeds as light rail, but at significantly less cost.

Founded in 2010, the association acts as a vehicle of communication, institutional, systematic and direct, between the bodies responsible for the ITS and BRT systems in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, to solve common problems and challenges.

"In major urban centers, traffic affects people's quality of life as well as air quality. Without an accessible transportation system, we run the risk of having a direct impact on economic activities," says Marcelo Oliveira, Bus and Coach Manager at Scania Latin America. "Our mission is not only to relieve the traffic, but to deliver environmental, economic and social benefits of mobility," he adds.

The Scania bus chassis is designed to meet the needs of urban mobility while delivering superior fuel economy, robustness and low maintenance. "This is the case with BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), a high quality large-capacity transportation system capable of serving users with high-speed efficiency, safety and comfort."

Scania buses represent a faster and more flexible solution for large-scale public transport, contributing to a reduction in passenger car traffic while reducing harmful CO2 emissions for a healthier environment.

"Scania bus chassis are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet differing public transport requirements, and can be designed in cooperation with operators. The flexibility of Scania’s modular bus chassis design makes it possible to build a wide variety of bus types, with varying floor heights and driver positions. Scania is pleased to participate in the SIBRT conference in support of greater urban mobility in Latin America ", says Silvio Munhoz, city bus manager for Scania Latin America.

Scania is the exclusive supplier of the new BRT line in Mexico. Mexibús is purchasing 62 BRT type buses from Scania this year including 52 meter long articulated units as well as 10 to 15 meter long rigid versions utilizing Scania model K360 IA6x2/2 and model K310 IB6x2*4 bus chassis.

For the Mexibús sale, Scania cooperated with Brazil’s Neobus on the bodywork and selected the company’s Mega BRT design. The buses will run a 21.3 kilometers route with 42 intermediate stations and two of modal transfer.

Scania BRT buses are already on the job in the Mexico with Optibús in León (Guanajuato) and Metrobús in Mexico City.

The Transmilênio mass transit system in Bogotá, Columbia is adding another 269 Scania model K250 IB 4x2 buses to its existing fleet, bringing its total number of Scania city buses to almost 500 units.

Sale of 38 bus chassis for BRT in Belo Horizonte (Move)

Articulated Scania model K310 6x2/2 BRT buses are now in operation with four operators: Transports Millennium, Transport St. Dismas, Bettania and Turilessa bus. Each BRT bus has a combined capacity (seated and standing) of 127 passengers.

Since last December, 176 Scania BRT buses have been in operation in Rio de Janeiro including 12.5 meter long model K230 4x2 units.



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