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New D38 engine delivers more grunt for MAN


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Australasian Truck News / July 18, 2014

The MAN TGX has gained more grunt with a new D3876 15.2 litre engine to be launched at the 2014 Hannover IAA international truck show in September.

Based on existing MAN engine architecture, the new D3876 powerplant will be available in horsepower ratings of 520, 540 and 640.

The engine features MAN’s characteristic compact two-stage turbo charger which the company claims results in higher power density with lower fuel consumption.

A high pressure common rail fuel injection system injects fuel into the combustion chamber with peak pressure of up to 2,500 bar.

Interestingly the new engine is capable of delivering peak torque from just 930rpm. Torque ratings for the engine are 2,500 Nm for the 520hp, 2,700 Nm for the 560hp and 3,000 Nm for the 640hp.

The engine is backed by a TipMatic 2 automated transmission (AMT) which will allow peak torque to be available in all gears.

The new 6 cylinder engine is 160kg lighter than the previous Euro 5 V8 version, with the lighter weight coming from using a heavy duty plastic sump and valve cover as well as an aluminium flywheel housing.

In a claimed first in truck engines by MAN, domed valves have been used to reduce flex while in operation and increase durability.

The engine also features eight cylinder head nuts per cylinder and improved lubrication due to the use of fire rings to keep the cylinder clear of carbon deposits to increase durability.

The TGX D38 will also be available with a full suite of safety and fuel efficiency features, some that were only previously found on other European competitors.

The TipMatic2 transmission has a free-wheeling function for undulating country called EfficientRoll, this allows the engine to idle when the vehicle is rolling and pulling power is not required.

A speed shift function now accelerates gear changes in the top three gears to maximise the amount of time spent in higher gears when climbing.

To make the most of the torque of the D3876 engine an idle speed driving function allows the vehicle to move at idle in low speed or heavy traffic without the clutch disengaging and stopping the truck.

A GPS cruise control that maps route terrain is now also a feature of the flagship MAN.

EfficientCruise again tries to maximise time spent in higher gears to save fuel and increase vehicle performance.

Emergency brake assist warns of an impending collision and applies the brakes of the truck if the vehicle is in danger of colliding with a stationary object in its lane.

A lane guard function is also available to keep things between the white lines as well as adaptive cruise control.

A new engine brake compliments the existing EVB set up with the introduction of the turbo EVB which is capable of providing up to 600Kw of engine braking power.

European spec figures are currently quoting a GCM of up to 65 tonnes with a highway spec driveline. However, with specialised equipment added to the drive line the TGXD38 is capable of gross weights of up to 250 tonnes.




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