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92 ch612 couple questions

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I'm a new member on here and i'm willing to learn as much as possible from you gurus..

A few questions I have on my ch612

What are the headlight bulb size?

Where or how could I hook up a boost gauge on my truck? As in where could I hook it up to read boost and vacuum?

Where could I get parts for my truck? Napa, AutoZone??

And is there anything I could do to get more power from this truck? On my mustang I did a cold air intake and a tune along with Alot of exhaust mods and barely got any gains :( here in Ga we have no emissions so....

And would a bigger exhaust help power? Bigger turbo? Or what can I do?

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E7 is the model of the motor. they came out in 89 and were used until 03-04? Bulet proof motor. Do you have a linkage off your pedal or electronic pedal. Either way you can get more power out of it for sure.

What could I do to get more power out of it safely?

And do you know where I could hook.up a boost gauge? As in the intake? Or?

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Boost gauge is easy.....get a boost gauge (0-40psi), drill and tap for sensor/sender in air intake somewhere after the turbo, install gauge...tada.....

Hell, there might even already be a bung that's plugged off of a boost gauge. Don't have access to an E7 to check.....but I know our E6 has a capped off EGT bung in the exhaust....one day I'll get them to let me put in a pyrometer.....

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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