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Voltage Regulator

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Try not to laugh, I'm learning...I installed the rebulit generator and a new voltage regulator for my B model.

In my infinite wisdom, I did not disconnect the battery cables :blink: so when I went to put the voltage regulator on, of course it sparked.. :pat:

My truck wont start now, and it did prior to removing the generator..Do you think I shorted out the voltage regulator ? Or would that not be enough to short it out?

The generator only had the 3 wires, so I dont think that is the issue..

Thanks again...you guys are always very helpful to me.

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oops, I forgot to mention, the SP switch sparks and is making a funky noise. That was put in new prior to me messing with the generator.

I have not checked the reading, my dash is partly out..(another problem in itself)

All I removed was the generator and the voltage regulator.

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sounds like some wires are crossed. Im no expert but when i messed with my 12/24 volt system (3 years ago) It was a little tricky to follow.

if the s/p switch is sparking I would not try to start the truck as it may burn it up.

hook up the amp gauge and see if it gives a reading. I belive if it shows a discharge the wires are crossed on the gauge or hooked up backwards on the gen.

if you have a discharge and the wires to the gauge are correct look for crossed wires at the regulater. hopefully thats all that is wrong.

p.s I have a S/P if you burn your up....LOL

Someone with more experince chime in please!!! :lol:

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