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Cummins Says Advancements Save $4,000 Per Truck


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Transport Topics / March 26, 2014

Cummins officials speaking at the Mid-America Trucking Show emphasized engine-related fuel efficiency gains that can save $4,000 per truck annually and stimulate increased business in the improving 2014 trucking market.

“One of the reasons that business is picking up is that customers are confident in the savings,” Jeff Jones, vice president of Cummins’ North American engine business, said during a press event. “Customers will buy a truck with an engine that is at least 7% more fuel efficient than four years ago.”

The savings were based on running 100,000 miles with $4-a-gallon diesel in a truck with a 15-liter engine, whose miles per gallon now is 6.96, compared with 6.5 mpg four years ago. Savings resulted from steps such as optimization of combustion and aftertreatment and better low-end torque, Jones said.

Other reasons for the expected rise in Class 8 sales in 2014, he told TT, are an improving economy, an aging fleet, more available financing and higher carrier profits.

Additional cost savings can be obtained when Cummins engines are paired with Eaton transmissions in the Smart Advantage package.

In addition, Cummins introduced a new 560-horsepower rating for the ISX15 with 1,850 pound feet of peak torque that is designed for operations on steep grades and with heavy loads.

On the telematics front, Cummins said it is developing an application known as Connected Diagnostics with planned third-quarter availability. The company is working with several telematics providers with the intention of giving drivers or other fleet personnel immediate information when an engine system fault code is displayed.

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