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Bendix rep says US likely to mandate more collision mitigation systems


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Truck News / March 26, 2014

The trucking industry can expect more regulations requiring the adoption of active safety systems, Fred Andersky, who handles government affairs for Bendix, announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Andersky gave an update on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) long-awaited stability system mandate, which has once again been delayed - this time until October 2014. “We do expect a final rule to be published this year, however I think it will be more of a Christmas gift as opposed to a Halloween treat,” he said.

Andersky said Bendix expects the rule will call for the use of electronic stability control (ESC) systems, with implementation slated for 2017 model year trucks.

Even without a government mandate, Andersky said fleets continue to adopt stability systems on their own. He said Bendix ESP (electronic stability program) is now ordered on 18% of heavy-duty vehicles, up from 17% last year. Overall stability system penetration - including roll-only stability systems and other competitors’ offerings - has grown to cover 34% of new vehicles.

“One third of air brake-equipped Class 6-8 trucks came equipped with some kind of stability system,” Andersky noted, adding most of those systems were ESC. Bendix has 300,000 ESP systems on the road today.

Looking beyond stability, Andersky said he expects the feds also to mandate forward collision avoidance and mitigation technologies (F-CAM). Current generation systems, with stationary object alert, have the potential to reduce fatal crashes by 31%, injury crashes by 27% and properly damage crashes by 11%. Andersky said next-generation systems, which not only warn drivers of stationary objects in their path but also take steps to avoid hitting them, will be twice as effective at preventing crashes.

Andersky expects to see a final rule requiring the use of these systems published by 2017, with implementation in 2019 at the earliest.

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