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The Mack ADS-1 “Bus of Tomorrow”

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Bus of Tomorrow Features Comfort

The Milwaukee Sentinel / November 23, 1956

The 50-passenger 40-foot Mack ADS-1 “Bus of Tomorrow” incorporates a variety of new features inside and out. Visible from the exterior are escape-type side picture windows and standee visibility- the largest ever produced for a bus – and a center-dip wrap-around windshield.

Interior features include an integrated air conditioning system, specially designed foam rubber seats with more generous width and higher backs, crash padding throughout, and a rear lounge designed for “move-to-the-rear” passenger appeal. The lounge has an illuminated Lucite mural that with both longitudinal and transverse seating produces an informal atmosphere.

The bus, built in Mack’s bus research laboratory in Allentown, Pa., may be put into regular production because of the enthusiasm with which it has been received.



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