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1966 C95's From Ogontz Fire Company - After Montrose and Fleetwood where are they now?


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Anyone know what happened to the twin 1966 C95 diesel pumpers that OFC sold to Fleetwood Pa and Montrose PA volunteer companies back in the late 1970's. These were originally white with green bottoms. Fleetwood repainted theirs to Lime Yellow and Montrose I believe painted theirs red.

Are they in private hands today and where? Pictures?

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What we need is a comprehensive registry, at least for C models. I re-joined FaceBook recently, just so I could join a few groups to try to track down the 58 C that was originally Oreland's. It was sold to Barto in the late eighties and they subsequently sold it to a collector. I've got photos as recent as July of '13, where it was at a body shop in Langhorne. A phone call to the shop netted nothing.

It's frustrating.

Good luck with your search. You might want to try FB, if you haven't already. I know someone from Fleetwood wants it back.

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One of them served Fleetwood, PA for many years and was sold to a collector. I believe it still exists.

The other ended up in Peach County, GA as Engine 2. It served there for quite a few years before being rolled during a response. They took it out of service and parked it near the station and it was still there as of a few years ago.



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