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So I'm heading to dubois pa with a load of butter cream when pow left front steer tire blows. And of all places along rt350 above Tyrone pa. No berm to speak of so dead in the water in the middle of the road. So I call the shop and tell them what's going on and they say ok on our way. Figure about 1.75 hrs. This was at 11:30. Big boss calls and says he's sending sts tire they can get here quicker. 2:15 in the afternoon I'm still waiting. Boss calls me says are you moving yet I say no tire guy hadn't shown up yet. But their coming from Altoona he says. I said you called Altoona but they dispatched the guy from Milton pa. Told the boss he should've left our guys do what they get paid to do and come out themselves. Now I'm probably not gonna be able to get unloaded today which pisses me off because of people not keeping their nose out of situations that are already being handled.this after sitting nearly 14 hours yesterday to get a load unloaded because a co-worker stole my appointment time. Sorry for the rant.

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You deserve to rant. Stupid crap like that is all too common when a big truck needs road service. I hope you're rolling soon.

I used to run 350 from Bald Eagle to Phillipsburg as a shortcut to 322 when heading west. I hope you're at leastin a spot where you are visible from a distance.


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buddy , I know what went thru your mind. did the same thing with my dm 690 on a sat. morning on a curve going down hill with a load of pea stone on and over weight. i can tell you it wasnt a gold brick in my pants.

We the unwilling, Lead by the unqualified, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.

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