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5-Axle Mercedes-Benz “Arocs” Vocational Chassis Now Available


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Wörth / Molsheim

October 30, 2013

Mercedes-Benz’s Custom Tailored Truck (CTT) unit has expanded its offerings with the addition of 5-axle vocational chassis. Located in Molsheim, Germany, the CTT modifications center converts a standard Arocs chassis from the Wörth plant into a 5-axle variant. CTT handles development, production, sales marketing and service documentation, providing customers with a seamless solution.

End customers benefit from the fact that the trucks converted by CTT enjoy the same high Mercedes-Benz standards of quality as regular production vehicles, and the same warranty and after-sales support.

Custom-built trucks from Mercedes-Benz’s Custom Tailored Truck (CTT) unit are supported by Mercedes-Benz’s worldwide network of service locations. The Mercedes-Benz parts and service system provides detailed information on the full scope of the conversion including what parts were used.

With twin steer axles and a steerable tag axle, 5-axle trucks are very popular across Europe. In Switzerland, 5-axle rigid trucks are permitted to carry a gross vehicle weight of 88,185 pounds (40 tons). In the Netherlands, a gross vehicle weight of 110,231 pounds (50 tons) is permitted for 5-axle rigid trucks.

The new 40 ton-rated (88,185 pounds) 5-axle Arocs vocational chassis is purpose-designed for the construction industry. The Arocs is fitted with the “ClassicSpace” cab and has a wheelbase of 4250 mm (167.3 inches).

The 5-axle conversion involves adding a 9-ton liftable air-suspended tag axle to a standard 4-axle chassis with twin-steer front axles rated at 7.5 and 9 tons respectively (16,535 lb and 19,842 lb) and two air-suspended drive axles rated at 11.5 tons each (48,502 lb bogie). The added steered and liftable tag axle increases the chassis’ legal GVW to 88,185 pounds (40 tons).

With a total of three steered axles, the turning circle is reduced to 64 feet (19.6 meter) and a standard Arocs 8x4/4 becomes an Arocs 10x4/4. The chassis now has a technical off-road GVW capability of 97,003 pounds (44 tons).

As part of the 5-axle conversion, chassis modifications included relocation of the AdBlue tank and air reservoirs, and alteration of the standard fuel tank design for greater capacity and additional ground clearance.

From a very early stage, bodybuilders including dump body and concrete mixer manufacturers Meiller and Liebherr played an integral part in the development process. The modified chassis is built from the start with outstanding body-mounting ability, resulting in less cost-intensive and time-consuming dump and mixer body mounting.


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