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Gvwr And Axle Specs By Vin


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Are there any sites to look up your truck's specs by the VIN? I am looking at two trucks, S/N U686ST1004 and R690T 9T6546, I would like some info on what they can carry, trans, engines, axle ratios if any is possible.

Just off the top of my head I can tell you that a U686 would have an ENDT676 285 HP Maxidyne and a TRL 107 5 speed, and most of the ones I've seen had Mack 34,000 lb rears on camelback.

R690 would have an E7 Maxidyne engine, usually a 300 HP.

In one of your other posts you stated you were looking at a 1967 R model. Did you mean R609? If it's an R609 it would have had an END 711 thermodyne originally.

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The owner says it is a R690T vin 9T6546, but he may have reversed the number, it is a early R (1967), his helper describes the trans as single countershaft, 10 speed 2 stick. It is a much nicer looking truck then the U model. In your opinion, is the drive line in the U686 superior enough to make that the better truck ? All things being similar (30 years of who knows). It sounds like the 10speed has a creeper, which is nice off road.

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