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MH Electrical System - Training Manual

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While rumaging thru my many stacks of crap reference material I came across this Service Training manual dated 10 1985 (ASO60-7M-1085). It is 24 pages and shows all the MH connections and locations in addition to wiring ID and service hints. Of particular interest to me is the sleeper wiring harness. The book states the sleeper wiring harness (speakers and accessories) is only found with the optional Level 3 trim (and I would think Level 4). A separate harness is used for the cab roof and it appears the center dome/map light connector is present. The dome lamps in the sleeper is a separate harness.

I will have to look at my MH, if I am lucky the harness was standard on later years. Perhaps someone with a Level 3 or 4 trim has a part number for this harness. BTW, the connector (9 pin) is located in the RH side of the sleeper roof.

If anyone needs info I will try to copy sections of the book.

Does anyone know if there is a more recent version of this manual that covers the E7 V-Mac?


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