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mack ch 613 will not start after a major crash repair

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While cranking the engine loosen an injection line to see if fuel is being delivered. If not, could be there is no fuel to pump or the pump rack is not responding (inline inj. pump). Electronics aside, the engine needs the basics to run-fuel and air. Make sure its getting fuel. It would be best if you could hook a diagnostic computer or pro-link to it to see if something else is going on. Without that, its a stab in the dark trying to figure out whats going on.

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Get a clean 5 gallon bucket and put some clean fuel in it. Run a #6 line from the fuel transfer inlet to the bucket of fuel. Use the hand primer pump to prime the fuel system. If not equipped w/hand primer pump use an external primer pump, plumbed into the outlet side of the transfer pump. Once the fuel system is primed, crank it up and see if it'll start. If the engine starts then the problem could be a bad connection from the fuel tank(s) to transfer pump. For example: a cracked fitting, broken tank suction tube, damaged fuel line, debris plugging line, etc.

If the engine still does not start, make sure the rack is moving. Remove the plug on the front of the inj. pump-its about an 1 1/8 or 1 1/4, can't remember. Have someone turn the key on, you should be able to feel the rack move to the front. During cranking the rack should be at full fuel. If not, make sure you don't have a loose inj. pump connector.

These are a few things that might help. Other things like battery connections and condition, ground connections, fuses and so forth need to be checked as well if all else fails. Not sure the extent of the damage from the wreck, any and all info you can give can help the diagnosis.

Good luck.

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Glad you got it started, persistence pays off. I would call Mack to see if there is some service rep in your area or if they can help with the purchase of the software and interface. Being you have a V-Mac ll system, you most likely need Vcads/Tech Tool software. Or check e-bay for a pro-link diagnostic scanner and Mack V-Mac ll cartridge.

Good luck

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