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Spanish Transport Company Primafrio orders 400 Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks


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Stuttgart/Wörth / October 11, 2013
Spanish refrigerated hoods hauler Primafrio has decided to upgrade its fleet with 400 new Mercedes-Benz Actros tractors. Mercedes-Benz trucks now make up over half of Primafrio's total fleet of 750 trucks.
The 400 Actros trucks are equipped with environment-friendly Euro-5 engines and will be delivered by January 2014.
"We're proud that Primafrio has opted for our trucks in the largest purchase of vehicles in its history, and thereby substantially increasing its overall share of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This means that the customer has been convinced of our products' merits in terms of quality, economy and reliability," said Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, at the handover.
The fuel savings offered by the Mercedes-Benz trucks made a particular impression on Jose Esteban Conesa, owner of Primafrio. Mr Conesa explained: "Economy plays a crucial role for us as a logistics company. We have tested the Mercedes-Benz Actros successfully in our fleet. Decisive factors which persuaded us to opt for the Actros were the excellent fuel economy and the customer-oriented after-sales service. "
About the Mercedes-Benz factory in Wörth, Germany
Production started up in 1963, originally focusing on truck cabs. Since 1965, more than 3.6 million trucks have been built in Wörth. A 12,000 person workforce produces a daily output of up to 470 trucks including Atego, Axor, Arocs, Actros, Econic, Unimog and Zetros model. Today, Wörth is the largest truck assembly plant worldwide.


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