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Engine serial number ?

Bobby Covert

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My B615 does not have the V8 that came in it. It has an ENDT675 (237 maxidyne). Can someone tell me where to find the serial number. I thought it might be on a tag near the injector, but it is either gone, or never was there to begin with. I need to know as I need to order a new main seal and hope to do it all in one day rather than take it apart and then see. Any help is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!! :SMOKIE-RT:

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The serial number should be stamped on the accessory drive housing in front of the injector pump. If the engine was originally groomed for a cab over or foward model (MB, F, etc) the number may be stamped on the rear of the block between the bell housing and the cylinder head, also with a die.

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