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Mack Cruise Control

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Are there any other noticable symptoms? Lights appearing dimmer than usual, lights appear to be on when they're not supposed to, flipping a switch causes unintended operation of something else? I've personally never seen anything like this before. I'd check ground connections in the cab and have a look behind the gauge cluster and center switch panel for any wiring or connectors that may look like its rubbed, burned, or corroded. Also try looking at the exterior lights while alternating them between the left and right turn signal to see if there's any abnormal operation. Is this a VMAC II system?

Jeff - The Bulldog Doctor

:mack1: Master Technician

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Thank you for all the input. I'm not sure if it is a VMAC II system. How do you tell? As far as the left turn signal, no it does not disengage when the left turn signal is used. It will randomly disengage while going down the road and every time you use the right turn signal.

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