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Threw engine codes, second time in 2 months

Salt shaker1

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My 2013 granite has thrown the codes spn102, FMI14, SPN1127 FMI 18. Was sent to Mack to fix one week after finally getting it back it has done it again. What do they mean, the shop manager couldn't even tell me. Yes shop manager. Could these codes cause a power loss?

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SPN 102 FMI 14 Intake manifold pressure. Engine can go into derate causing low power. Possible causes Harness, Connectors, sensor, or boost leak.

SPN 1127 FMI 18 Engine turbocharger intake manifold pressure. Engine Derate-low power. Possible causes, boost leaks, EGR system failure.

This will cause low power. They both can be caused by a boost leak. Do you hear any boost leaks? Do you have a boost gauge? Does it read 35-37psi? What does the gauge say when the malfunction light comes on, or when you feel the low power?

If I was working on it, I would road test the truck and monitor boost pressure and listen for leaks. Then I would pressure test the intake system and check for leaks. Repair any leaks and reroad test.

If no problems found I would consider a test pressure sensor. Basically just replacing the boost pressure sensor, then reroad test or release to customer.

It could be a number of different things. Has the dealer repaired or replaced anything? This doesnt sound like it would be that difficult to repair.

You have 2 codes. You probably only have 1 problem that is causing another code to go with it.

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I didn't think to check boost pressure, truck has been sent to the dealer this morning. They didn't change a thing last time it was there. I believe they just reset the light. Luckily it's under warranty. Thank you for ur response. I will now know what to look for and ask about when I pick it up.

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Mine is doing the same thing. Bobtail in it goes from 8-16 psi boost with cruise control set on flat ground. It seems the vgt kicks in to build higher boost and cuts off near 16 or 20 psi, the leaks down to 5-8 psi and vgt kicks in again. I just bought the truck and can't pull a trailer yet as its not signed on with my company yet. Salt shaker, what did they find on your truck? Also, to pressure test the intake, do I just take off the air filter and install a test setup there and take it up to 20psi to find a leak? Or is there more to it?

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