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Acura MDX


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If any of you or your wives own an mdx check this out. Last Sunday while driving down the road our mdx started to redline so the wife pulled over so I could investigate. I discovered trans fluid pouring from the front of the car. Towed the car to my inlays cause it was only 4 miles away and they have a lift. Once on the lift we found that a line running to the trans cooler(located in the radiator) had blown out. Literally blown the threads out of the fitting. New radiator$151 trans fluid and coolant $90 and then discovered that the 60 seconds of running time time from the first sign of trouble had killed the trans. Wicked bummer. If you have an mdx google the trans problem and be proactive otherwise it'll get quite costly. post-13371-0-26915500-1376740643_thumb.jpost-13371-0-22155200-1376740883_thumb.jpost-13371-0-26915500-1376740643_thumb.j

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My wife has a 2000 TL. She bought it in 2003 with 20,000 miles. Since then the car has had three transmissions all replaced under warranty. She now has 150,000 miles. Since she has had repeated problems Acura will keep warranting the transmissions since all the work was done at the dealership since new.

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