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1925 Mack AB photo


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I wanted to pass along another photo of the 1925 Mack AB that was found not long ago in a SC barn . I serve as the historian for the Lakewood NJ Fire Department and recently passed along a few photos of the unit to the new owner. This photo recently surfaced and I want to pass it along for all to see . Taken in 1928 with one of the member's kid and dog on the rig. This rig was the second mutual aid fire pumper to pass thru the gates At Naval Air Station Lakehurst when the Airship Hindenburg exploded. It was one of a few trucks set up in a long distance hose relay to the pump on the ruins of the ship. This unit actually pumped a 2.5 hand line/ with a nozzle that was used cool the wreckage to enable the recovery of the deceased passengers. I'm working on trying to find photos of this unit on the base that day.


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That's a great picture and story of this truck. On page 24 of Harvey Eckart's book, "Mack Fire Apparatus, A Pictorial History" there is a photo of what I believe is this truck. The photo was

taken in 1974 in Cross Anchor, SC. Do you know how this truck came to be in SC after its service in Lakewood? Glad to see that this truck has been saved.


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