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96 CH613 blink code question

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Hi All

I have a 96 CH613, 427, 13 speed and I have a elect. malfunction light on and a code 2-2. The dealer said it is boost pressure sensor but they say this truck does not have that sensor. I looked all over the air intake system and I don't see anything but a air temp sensor.

Anyone ever run into this problem or have any ideas on it? Thanks.

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B/C faults 2-1 and 2-2 are coolant temp faults, the sensor is located at the rear of the water manifold-pointing twards the cab. this b/c is the same for VMAC I or II.

B/C 2-2 is voltage above normal or shorted high. Could possibly be the sensor itself shorted internally or wiring issue.

good luck.

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Thanks Turckster,

The dealer was telling me 2-2 was for boost pressure sensor and I would need to bring the truck to them to be hooked up to the laptop to find the problem. I will try changing the temp sensor. I just finished doing the oil cooler and flushing the cooling system a few times to get the oil out of it so there is a good chance the oil in the cooling system may have caused a temp sensor failure.

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