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Seals And Bushings For Older Trucks

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I need some help, and I hope I can find it here.

The rear end of my B-67 is apart and ready for re-assembly.

I need a source for all of the seals, bushings and brake shoe clips required for the CRD78 carrier

and 541A rear end housing. (Single axle)

The brake shoes can be re-lined, or if I can find them, I would buy those too.

Specifically, I am looking for the old style brake cams (coarse spline, flat paddle cams), brake cam bushings and seals,

brake shoe seals and clips (16 pcs. each), new shoes & linings (if possible), brake springs and a pinion seal.

The seals at the cams and brake shoes are a rubber cup with a felt "seal" inside.

The cams are probably useable with some cleaning and sanding. They are rusty and pitted on the bushing wear surfaces.

But I don't think I will ever wear them out, so if necessary, I will reuse them.

The brake linings are "bolt-on", and I should be able to get those done locally. The shoes look like they are pretty good.

I would oil up the springs and reuse those too, if I couldn't find new ones.

It would be good to find 20 of the old style "fine thread and coarse thread" wheel studs.

Our local Mack dealer was not much help, even after an hour or so of looking at old microfiche.

Ultimately I will need three sets of these parts just to complete the trucks in "the pipeline".

I will be out of touch until Friday - so Thanks in advance.

Paul Van Scott

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I was able to find a couple of wheel studs for my '58 B613 at NAPA. They were a special order, but just measure one up with a caliper so you have accurate numbers for length, etc. Then take one in when you go. They should have a set of books available to look at & compare with your sample. I will see if I still have the receipt for mine when I get back in the shop tomorrow & get you the part numbers.


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Euclid still sells most of that hardware and it is availible through Fleetpride and other truck parts dealers.


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