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And So It Begins

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After sweeping the floor, making room all around the AB, clearing the shelves and taking 30 or so pictures before dismantlement,,,,,,,, it began.

Hood off, front bumper off, head lights off, rad shutter control linkage, top rad support and hoses off, Fan and ( my gosh it's a flat stitched leather belt) off ( smart way to tension that belt with an eccentric shaft I thought) Rad off. Now lets see, what's next?

What little there was for floor boards off, disconnect the stearing from cowl , air breather off, cowl off, throttle rod and linkage off with a part of the bell housing, disconnect clutch and break rods, clutch and break levers off with trans mount bracket, disconnect drive shaft and off.

To my surprise, I only broke three bolts. amazingly all the linkage pins and adjusters were not seized. All the time I was working on the AB today I was astonished at the simplicity yet clever ways she was put together.

I had to laugh at myself when I was looking for the dip stick of the engine. When I saw that automatic oil level indicator, bobbing up and down,,,,,,",well I'll be a monkeys uncle, isn't that slick"

That was my day, all labeled and put on shelves, "Phew"

I'll post some pictures as soon as the wifey transfers from my camera

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Well the Merry season is over and it's time to get back to the project. We're down to the frame, but before I do it,, I want to see how the engine is.

I am constantly amazed that the bolts are free, some even look like the came fresh from the factory ( after the baked on grease and dirt are removed ) I did find the two top water domes on the cylinder jugs were cracked and welded. One broke again and both are seized on. Surprisingly, after taking the crank inspection covers off, there is no rust in the bottom end of the engine, only a few cob webs hanging from the rods. Engine oil was good ,,,no water but there was water and ice in the tranny. After taking the PTO cover off and letting it drain, the gears are not rusted,,,lucky.

Since the engine is stuck, I can't rotate the flywheel to dismount the clutch to remove the transmission, so I'll have to work backwards, take the piston jugs off first to free up the crank and then remove the tranny.

I also found that the intake manifold is also cracked at it's own water jacket, so if anyone has one and the two water domes, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

I'm still waiting for my package from the museum,,,,, should be here soon. I'll update periodically and have a good day.

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So the fun began today,, First, the piston jugs would not move. Then the drive pulley for the fan would not move. After a coffee and a good smoke ( cigar ) I came to the conclusion that I must disconnect the rods from the crank to pull the jugs, and the only way is to remove the oil pan, which is part of the bell housing, which is connected to the transmission that I can't remove because I can't turn the crank to remove the clutch bolts. ( Am I having fun Yet )

I unbolted the tranny and held it with the gantry, unbolted the oil pan and removed it. Low and behold, I was now able to reach in between the flywheel and tranny to unbolt the clutch from underneath for six of the bolts and two through the top cover access. Yesssssss the tranny came off with ease.

I'm ashamed to say,,,,,,,,,that's all I got done today. Maybe a better day tomorrow LOL

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It's interesting how you noticed the easy loosening of the bolts, even with years of rust.

I found the same thing on two of my old Macks, albeit 50's vintage.

I wonder if the quality of steel has anything to do with it?

A quick pop on the wrench, and even the worst looking bolt seems to come loose.

Sure is a lot different than some of the projects I have tried.

Sounds like you are making good progress.

Best of Luck,

Paul Van Scott

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