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Benz to focus more on bigger bangers down under


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Australian Transport News / May 31, 2013

Mercedes-Benz says it will focus more on the 6x4 tractor segment within the Australian truck market.

More than half the heavy-duty sales market is 6x4 tractors, which equates to more than 6,000 vehicles.

“If we want to grow we have to be very strong in that area,” Andrew Assimo, National Product Manager for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Australia, says.

Assimo was speaking before a short drive for truck journalists hosted by Mercedes at the Anglesea proving grounds near Geelong in Victoria.

The focus was the B-double spec'd 15.9-liter 600 horsepower V8-powered Actros 2660, newly installed with a fuel-saving hypoid axle and 12-speed Powershift 2 automated manual gearbox (sold in the U.S. as the DT12), replacing the hub reduction axles and 16-speed AMT (though not for road train applications).

“The B-double has a certain image to it,” Assimo says, pointing out that tractors spec'd up for that application, as well as road trains, make up about half the 6x4 market.

“If you are strong in the B-double segment that leads on to acceptance throughout the market, so we really want to get strong in that segment and we think we have the best packaged vehicle we’ve had in recent times.”




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