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Viscous Fan to Air Fan

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I have a 99 mack RD with a 400 etech. My viscous fan clutch is weak I believe. It is time to replace it. I was thinking of converting to a Horton air operated clutch. I am looking for some opinions on this idea. I still have to measure up mine to see if I can find the appropriate parts. Do the make a kit for this? Any input is appreciated. Thank you

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If you could find a RD with a Horton air fan already installed you could get the VIN and take the # to your dealer and they could figure out what parts needed. . Also remember to take the truck to the dealer to get the "smart fan" and "air conditioning installed" enabled in the engine ECM datafile.Also check the AC high pressure line coming off the drier to the condensor, for a fan/high pressure port and you will need to add a high pressure switch so when the AC head pressure hits 300psi the fan kicks on.

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