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hello everyone i have a 2010 mack chu613 and i need to run the coax on the passenger side because i have the splitter box that volvo uses in my truck so iam wondering if anyone has successfully done this in a mack through the mirror arm tube and does anyone know how to remove the inner door panel also any help would be appreciated also there is no coax on the passenger side for me to pull through to follow the path

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I did it on my04 I think its the same bracket, its a pain but it can be done, the Wilson coax with the removable screw on end makes it much easier to do. Start at the hole on the mirror arm and you push towards the top as I recall, if you pop open the plastic cover at the door end of the arm you can see the hole, I used some mig welding wire to fish mine thru the door but I just pushed the coax thru the mirror on its own. I never took the door panel oiff to do it, its actually not any help look in the door jamb at the hole for the wiring to the door and if yoyu have heated mirrors your going to go the same route, you can get started thru the electrical access panel on the dash in the older trucks dont know about the new dash. Once you get a section thru pull all the slack you want out it makes it easier to go one pull at a time, leave some slack in the mirror arm and at all the openings to allow for future issues. Hope that helps its easier to show than to explain.

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