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value of an R model

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Could anyone give me an idea of the worth of a1987 Mack R with a 300, camelback, fifth wheel(broken Jaw) and wet kit(hydraulic tank and line). It's a one owner with a clean/clear title and is located about 16 miles south of me. It had a frame crack that's been fixed and it does run. Had a new clutch put in it and all "new" recaps put on the back 2 axles recently.

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It's a hard call to make without seeing the truck Is the cab in good condition,not rusted or beat up? What shape is the frame in besides the repair? How many miles and engine history? Could be worth 10 cents a pound(about $1600) or if it's really nice much more. Guess you've got to decide. Check TruckPaper and you can get an idea what they are going for. Steve

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