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injector pump output controller question- cyclic engine rev issues

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Hello all,

what electrical component controls tells the injector pump to speed up or slow down in order to deliver fuel into the engine. I would think it would be something like the throttle position sensor or a mechanical equivalent on an mechanical pump.

I am asking because my E7 is fast revving up and down like crazy on startup, in quite a predictable manner. It ask as if one is depressing and releasing the accelerator, when no one is doing it. And it does not even respond to the accelerator when one is pressing it. So i think the electronic component that controls the injector pump speed has failed, and is cycling between its low and high output.

any help will be appreciated.


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i just wanted to inform of the resolution. the ecm was not fried after all, and the electric governor is ok. there was a grounding issue that happened when wires around the air compressor were reconnected after re-installing the compressor. it caused the cyclic revving, and we did not quite figure out why the second ecm did not work

twas quite a painful education, but we keep learning.


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