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Long cranks to start


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Every once in a while my 2003 Mack MR688S cabover truck takes about 10 seconds to start up of continuous cranking. Other times it just starts right up.

Is there any way to test certain things on the engine to determine what is bad without Special Service Tools, or hooking the truck up to a computer ?

What would be some good things to check out ?


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Engine position sensor and cam sensor mainly the one in the flywheel housing the end of it could be covered with clutch dust and debris remove clean reinstall . Also if you have a fuel water separator make sure the check valve is ok on inlet side .

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Yeah Staxx is the man my mind went straight to the check valve on the water separator too.

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thanks guys, I haven't got a chance to check anything out yet. Im trading the truck in for another one tomorrow, so hopefully the mechanic will get a chance to check it over before he trades it off. Sometimes it sucks because it feels like its not going to start

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