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2008 volvo d13 nox sensor


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Im working on a d13 volvo. It keeps pulling up fault codes for a nox sensor open circuit, and another code for nox sensor faulty component. One i dont know where the nox sensor is and two idk how big of a job it is? Just wanted to make sure im not going to get into anything to big.

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The Nox sensor is in the outlet pipe of the DPF. It just screws in the pipe and has a small ecu mounted on the inside of the frame rail. The ecu is about the size of a credit card but thicker. Its an easy job, the hardest part is getting the sensor out of the pipe. After replacing the sensor reset the learned data. "Reset learned data" is on the same menu page as fault codes (the first page) under fault codes. Click on reset learned data and when the page comes up hit the start/play button. You wont see anything other then "are you sure you want to do this" icon, click yes and thats it.

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