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99' DM688S E7 350 stall / restart issue

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My father in law has a 1999 DM688S which I'd like to fix for him. He's real old school and is lost when it comes to anything above a carburetor. I was lucky enough to get a vin so I called my local Mack dealer and they said it has a E7 350 with EUP injection. After getting a sketchy camera picture at best I've found out that it has a Bosch DME on the p/s of the engine. Can someone point me in the right direction on what I'm dealing with? (vmac version / etech etc). I have a ton of automotive diagnostic equipment but I'm sure none of this is going to work on a commercial truck without the proper software . I just don't want to get there and here crap for being able to fix any BMW in the land and not an older truck.

Here's what it's doing:

After the truck is up and running (like if he drives to a job site) the truck will shut off by itself after idling for a few minutes unless he turns on what he calls "fast idle". When it shuts off it is impossible to get it running again unless he just lets it sit for a few hours. He says he can however restart it but it immediately dies no matter what the throttle position is. Do these trucks have any type of safety precautions to automatically turn the engine off if something isn't working right? If so I'm betting that's the issue which would explain why it only happens when its warm and idling (like low oil pressure or something like that). Anyway, any direction you guys can point me in would be greatly appreciated. Also where can I get model specific information on wire / repair manuals?



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It would be an ETECH engine and VMAC III software.

Is the malfunction light and or engine shutdown light on when it shuts down?

Does the malfunction light work? When you turn the key forward the malfunction light (orange lightening bolt) should turn on and off.

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