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Tech tool/VCADS?

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Im not sure if there are differences between dealer and nondealer tech tool but this is how I use mine, Hook into truck, click on tech tool, the computer reads the truck and the vin comes up on the screen, select/high light the vin, go down to the lower right and hit select, this brings the vin up to the top section, go over to menu which is the right upper part of the screen, click menu and then click VCADS pro, click through all the saftey and warning icons, the first page that comes up has fault codes at the top of the list, double click fault codes, then the fault code screen comes up, click on read codes then hit the icon at the top of the screen that looks like the play button on a vcr, it should read all codes.

Remember the play button activates the screen, if this button is black it must be hit.

I use a dealer techtool.

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