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673 fuel problem


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gday, ive had problems starting my 673c when left for a few days or more, might take few tanks of air to get her going then no problems. Am guessing its a leak in the return fuel lines - they look ok but when i pump the hand plunger i get diesel leaking out around the plunger itself... is that normal or could that be the cause of air leak?

next question if it is that, how much do they sell for from mack dealers?

any input would be appreciated, i dont want to change out all the lines then have to replace hand plunger.

cheers ellis

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The hand primer is still for sale. You may have to find a pump shop that repairs bosch pumps. But replace it and get a repair kit for the transfere pump which will be new check vales and springs.Also pull the over flow valve or some call it pressure reulator and others call it check valve. Its the tee looking valve on the side of the injection pump that has the return line connected to it that goes to the tank.Pull it apart and see if the plunger is bad or replace the valve.This is a go start but any fuel line or fuel filter leaking can draw air in to system and drop the fuel back to the tank over night.

glenn akers

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