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Rand McNally TND 720


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I have the 710, I see they are having a close out sale for 199.00 on them, I paid 400.00 A few features you might like are the state toll and non toll milage. I turn my gps on before I start the truck and off after I shut down for the night. That way I have all the miles seperated by states that I can either pen copy to paper from the gps or download to the computer for quartly fuel tax. Hope you got the free map updates, the roads are changing constantly. I don't think mine updates roads anymore I think they want me to buy the new model. Another good thing is it works as an electronic log if you want it too and that is downloadable too. You just press on duty,drivinng etc or it will remind you after a mile, or if you don't move for a few minutes. They have a million features, calculater,notebook, and on and on, you have to really dig into it to find all the features. Like points of interest,that finds truck stops and tells you what they have, it finds dealers with their numbers, restraunts by type, american, steak, chinese, french etc.. Overall, a handy tool. I have found when I trust mine for directions, it screws up, if I don't trust it, it is right. Mine is getting real bad I think because they want to phase it out. My map work real well. I think your going to like it, keep me updated because I am due for a new one.

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Will do! Sounds like a great tool. It should be at my front door by the 26th. Im leaving for MI soon there after so i will update you on how i like it. And yes i got the free lifetime maps update. Couldn't pass up the deal, $349 free shipping, lifetime map updates free!!

Heres the link- http://www.ebay.com/itm/370683820227?ssPageName=STRK:MEBOFFX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1427.l2649


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