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Air Ride On Dump Trailer Question


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Can you guys tell me about the air ride hook up on a dump trailer? I've pulled a spring suspensioned dump for 12 years and might buy an air ride trailer. Do i need another air line to the trailer and a cab switch to dump the air???

thanx in advance.

Rob W.

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The air ride dump trailers that I have pulled were frameless and 1/4 framed, and get air from the trailer tanks to supply air to the air bags (just like dry vans do) I can say that an air ride dump trailer rides like a cadillac compaired to springs. Even if the tractor rears are on springs it does not hop around and make alot of noise or buck the truck around. They also seam to stop better and do not wheel hop as easy. some if not all air ride dump trailes should be able to drop the air bags down when you open the tailgate. this is big deal! if the air is in the bags when you raise the box it can go over real easy.! The only need for an extra air line from the truck to the trailer is if the tailgate or other air options are plumbed seapretly from the trailers air system.

like the air over electric tailgates as there is no extra hoses to tangel. when I flip the dash switch for the tailgate. a electric valve drops the bags and opens the gate at the same time. If your real trick then you can use an electric tarp on a dash switch. (still have to clean the spread pan!)

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