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As i dont have a Mack yet,this is just one of the memories i have of growing up a truck Nut.Growing up In East Bridgewater Mass we lived on Central st,which as the name implys it was in the middle so everyone uses it to go too and from..There where many little and some big companys that ran B's one of these was "Hill" construction his 10 wheelers would rumble by all the time as kids we would run out and give the toot the horn sign to all the trucks.One day playing Football in the side Lawn the Hill trucks musta been close, they came by alot as the day went on we tired of getting them to toot and got busy playing ball when out of the blue my buddys start yelling and running.. the rest of us turned to see the whole dual wheel fron the passenger side front rear rolling towards us!!..It had snapped off and went flying it rolled right thru our game right into Mrs Sawyers garden(she was pissed) the dump stopped and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching them try to get the truck unloaded and on a wrecker..they struck me then as not the brightest bunch but it was fun and its one of the things i remember from the old days..Hopefully soon i will have a story about getting our 1st Mack Home

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Been around trucks my whole life too! The first Mack I ever rode in , I guess I was about 5, an OLD R, had the front wheels like the B models. My dad and I went to Pick up a th back hoe, and the operator one morning. We get there, they load up the back hoe on the lowboy, and we take off. Mind you, this is the mid 70's, so a kid sittin in some ones lap goin down the road, wasn't a big deal, anyway, we get close to home, and my dad pulls over, and says "The Bback hoe fell off." As a 5 yr old kid, I'm thinkin it's layin in the middle of the road, to scared to look out the back window. All that really happened, was the front binder came loose. Since then Ive been obsessed with Macks. FFWD to 2005. I deployed to Iraq, as a truck driver in the Army, I love my job! As my buddies and i are walking out of the mess hall, there sat a 90 model RB!! Not too shabby lookin either. 10 hole aluminum wheels all around, 2 chrome stacks behind the cab, and a Holmes Wrecker body. After gaining my composuer, I walked over. Never having the chance to get my CDL, being in Europe most of my Army life, I thought At least I can ask. Sure enough, the guy let me in, to drive! I thought yep, I got to get one of these. To see the ass end of that Dog pullin me through that lot was awesome!! Just drove around the parking lot, as the driver was waiting for his partner, but I got through a couple gears. Maybe I should've put this in its own thread, now that I think of it, Just wanted to share my story .

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