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Air Compressor To Block Adapeter Needed Please

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Well the adapetr that bolts between the block and air compressor is cracked. i looked at all of my parts and parts trucks and I dont have one. it is on a '65 711 and my '67 r model w/673 has one as well. I enclosed a pic . If anyone has one kicking around please let me know. thanks Chris


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Ive got a bad compressor, lying somewhere around my shop..... dont know if it is the right adapter though it was off of a early 80s r model ,what does the other side of the adapter look like?

How did it break??

I only ask because I had a 4valve e-6 one time start breaking different castings on the motor could never figure out why until It finnally cracked the block itself. left the motor sit for a few years before I finnally tore it down..... a wrist pin snap ring fell out of one of the pistons, and the wrist pin was sliding up and down the sleeve. The motor was still running perfectly accept for the oil running out of the block!! couldn't feel the vibration though.... :SMOKIE-LFT::SMOKIE-LFT:

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