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B-model in Gladys, Va.

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Does anyone remember a B-model for sale in Gladys, Va. a while back? I think somebody found it on e-bay or Craigslist and mentioned it here, saying it was in my back yard. I offered to go look at it if anyone wanted me too.

Reason I was wondering is because Ed stopped by this morning- no, no,not that Ed. This was the Ed that drops off them "Awake" magazines. Real nice guy, I actually enjoy talking to him. I guess most people hide when they see him coming- like Jo does when i'm not here.

Anyway, he asked me if I knew where he could find a B-model tractor, just to have one because he likes them. Pretty cool, I thought.

He told me about the "one that got away"- a B-model in Gladys that had been sitting in a barn for years that somebody bought for $800. I'd probably have bought it myself, sight unseen, for $800.

So, I wondered if it might have been the same one that was mentioned here before. I've tried searching "b-model in Gladys" but found nothing.

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yes i remember that one. I think i posted it. It was on ebay. If i remember correctly it was attached to a OLD great dane trailer. It was VERY rough. It did sell for between 600-1000 if i remember correctly. But for that price it probably ended up in the scraper.


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